Svētā Jāņa baznīca Rīgā Johanniskirche im Riga Saint John's church in Riga Latvia Christian center Bevuleni

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Concert at St John's Church

St. John's Church in Riga is the oldest acting church in the whole Latvia and the oldest church in Riga. You are welcome to attend sacred services in the same venues where they have been held from Anno Domini 1209, as well as to look around in awe to see the beautiful mix of Gothics and Classicism, Northern Renesanse and hints of Barocco, including the wonderful ribbed High Gothic ceiling, the only one such in Baltic States.

Then, St John's church is well known by Rigans, guests of the city and Latvian music lovers for it's acoustic qualities and wonderful esthetics of historical halls. St John's Church is beloved concert space in Riga with famed sound qualities, broadly used for important concert events and classic music recording, as well as for concerts of visiting foreign choirs and groups. Quite often it is named ''the best sounding church in Riga''. These qualities explain the popularity of the Church among concert organisers as well as music connoisseurs, and lots of important choirs, from Scandinavia and Germany to U.S. colleges, have included St John's in their Baltic concert tours.

St John's was one of the concert venues chosen for Riga Choir Games 2014 hosting numerous choirs from the whole world.

St John's Church in Riga is also known as Johanniskirche, the original name in German, and as Svētā Jāņa baznīca Rīgā in Latvian. The Church was been established as prayer chapel in the first masonry building in Riga, the Bishop's Palace. It was sooner a fortress than a palace spanning the whole current city quarter. Then bishop's offices soon outgrew the palace, as he was also the ruler of new-born frontier state Livonia. Leaving for grander palace and cathedral complex, the Riga Dom, the previous palace was donated to Dominican order. Dominican fathers built a large monastery by adding properties in current John's Yard and enlarging the church as well. During the Lutheran reforms it changed denomination and ended in hands of the first Riga Latvian Lutheran parish.

Besides the Medieval church comple, we have large and peaceful country estate Bevuleni. Christian Center Bevuleni is fit for conventions, prayer days, seminaries and children camps - just 95 km from Riga.


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Information about Choir concerts in Saint John's church in Riga and tour group visits

We welcome foreign choirs (as well as Latvian choirs) and musical groups on Baltic tournaments and concert tours for concerts in Saint John's church. We work with lots of fine concert organising agencies and tour operators. Welcome to the club!

Call the Head of the parish Mr Blunavs (+371) 29632455 or write us an e-mail: about details, costs, available times and services.

If DMC services are needed, including ground services, transportation, full tour planning in Baltic states, incl. other concert venues, hotels and catering, we provide all this as licensed tour operator. Advertisment for your concerts can be produced, from printing and placement of flyers in Riga TIC and hotels to dedicated mailings to our mailing-lists and media releases.

Church is open for visitors and tourists during the tourist season May - mid October daily, 10:00 to 18:00. Sundays: 14:00 to 18:00. Out of season: ad hoc.

Church may be closed during choir repetitions, music recording sessions, baptism, weddings et caetera, so, if a tour group visit is planned, please ask us beforehands to be sure the visit goes uninterrupted.

Tour group visits are accepted with regular donation (paid by guide) 20 EUR per group. The Church greeters will provide for receipts.

Outside the season (mid-October to April) group visits are easily available by writing or calling us beforehands. Regular donation for such group visit is 30 EUR for the whole group.

  • Church Seat Plan: for Concert organisers, Concert Agencies
  • Pricing of Venue for Free Concert: for Concert organisers, Concert Agencies
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St Johns' Church in Riga is the oldest church in Riga and the best sounding one as well, a place of worship and one of the most popular Latvian musical venues.

Call about Visits and Concerts

the Head of the Parish Mr Blunavs

(+371) 29632455

or e-mail him!