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Code: EXLV-1  Latvia, Day Excursion to Sigulda Castles

Vidzeme (Livonia) experiences

Livonia - Latvian Heartlands, beautiful in any Season

  • Explore the medieval ruins of Turaida (Trayden) Castle, survey the finest primeval river valley views in Gauja National Park from it's tower
  • Learn colourful bits of local history of Order and Tsar periods at Sigulda Old and New Castles, hear Medieval love story of ''Jungfrau von Treiden''
  • Take a tour of a Soviet Government bunker complete with original furnishings under the village of Ligatne
Turaida Castle
Daugava river walley
View from Turaida donjon
View from Turaida donjon
Turaida (Treyden) Castle
Ligatne Soviet Bunker
Ligatne Soviet Bunker
Ligatne Soviet Bunker
Sigulda walking sticks
Sigulda Old Castle

Possible dates: any dates. During National Holidays please inquire us about closure times.

Length: 1 day (9 - 11 hours)

Price: 16 to 25 EUR per person, depends on size of the group. Please request Your price!

Livonian heartlands, low-lying Baltic land east of Riga, bear the name Vidzeme, meaning ‘’middle-land’'. Mighty castle ruins in Gauja National Park stand witness of the tumultuous past of Baltic lands.
Ancient farming settlements separated by deep river valley offer taste of local cuisine, surrounded by landscapes touched by warm light of Vidzeme countryside.
Once a secret Soviet military object, now a chilling reminder of Cold War, the Soviet Government bunker built to survive the nuclear war sits deep under innocent health resort.
All this awaits You during this enchanting Day Tour!

Start of tour at 08:30 from Riga (recommended) or other place in Latvia.

Sigulda (historical Segewold) is a small city located in the hills of Latvia. With picturesque nature, rounded hilltops and majestic Gauja river bend, it’s a beloved destination for locals year-round.
This tour takes us to both Sigulda New Castle and Medieval Castle (in ruins). Originally built in the 13th century, the Medieval Castle offers the feeling of ancient glory and and courage, together with fine viewpoints.

The prominently positioned, remarkably preserved Turaida Castle has served as the twin fortification to Sigulda Castle on the opposite high coast, thus protecting the ancient waterway. The climb to the top of Donjon tower is a must (vigour permitting) for unmatched views of valleys.
The Turaida Castle served as backgrounds of amazing Medieval love story of Rose ‘’die Jungfrau von Treiden’’.

After visiting the castles, we’ll stop for lunch time at a typical local Sigulda pub to enjoy the traditional Latvian cuisine (a la carte or by group order), Latvian beer recommended.

The Secret Soviet Bunker of Līgatne.
The route takes us to a Soviet bunker located 9 metres underground under the Līgatne medicinic rehab facility. The bunker, built during the Cold War, is a well-equipped facility spanning 2000 square metres. It was declassified in 2003 only, and the original furnishings have been retained. It was built to meet the needs of the highest Soviet Administration in Latvia in case of a nuclear war.

Return to Riga, starting point, at around 19:30. End of services.

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  • Excursions as mentioned in Programme

  • English speaking Tour Leader (German, Italian, French, Chinese speaking- upon Request)

  • Welcome Package - Latvian Phrase Lists, Maps where relevant)

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