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Code: EXLV-2  Latvia, Day Excursion, Best of Zemgale (Semigallia)

Colours of Semigallia

Visit a Duke, a Farmer and a Brewer

  • A Baroque palace set amidst the Semigallian plains
  • A township brewery, tasting of freshly brewed popular local brand
  • A homestead farm boasting a windmill, a blacksmith’s forge and barns full of old-timer machinery
Mundus Travels excursion, Rundāles Ruhental Palace
  • Mundus Travels excursion, Rundāles Ruhental Palace
  • Mundus Travels excursion, Rundāles Ruhental Palace
  • Mundus Travels excursion, Rundāles Ruhental Palace
  • Latvia excursion
  • Latvia excursion
  • Latvia excursion
  • Latvia excursion
  • Latvia excursion
  • Latvia excursion
  • Possible dates: any dates. During National Holidays please inquire us about closure times.

    Length: 1 day (11 - 12 hours)

    Price: 20 EUR - 49 EUR per person, depends on size of the group.

    Please request Your price! The larger the group, the bigger the savings.

    Excursion starts at 08:30 from Riga (or any other place by your request).

    On the borders of Selonia and Semigallia provinces stands the richest miller’s homestead and farm in the whole land: ‘’Ausekļa dzirnavas’’ (dzirnavas = mills).

    It boasts old-fashioned technical equipment, machinery, countless ethnographic household items from 19th century and different epochs of 21st century. Rows of old tractors, including most popular Soviet kolkhoz caterpillar, sewing, threshing, forging equipment, all in working condition and is used time to time during spring and autumn festivals. 
    Have you heard the rumble of Fordson tractor engine from 1922? You will. The owner is a good storyteller as well.

    Road to the most impressive palace ensemble in Latvia – fully reconstructed Ruhenthal or Rundāle palace of Courland Dukes, lovingly dubbed ‘Semigallian Versailles’. Wondrous representation rooms – Golden hall, White hall, Large gallery, ducal official apartments are offered during the Short Route.

    Then we will enjoy the best part for many, the French style manicured gardens of the Palace, moving through the maze of alleyways and partiers. July and August gives a special perk - countless Rundāle roses are in full bloom.
    En route to Bauska town - dinner time in one of the country pubs around the palace.

    In Bauska we head to the Brewery to have a glimpse of the brewing process during locally guided excursion. Freshly made ‘’Bauska beer’’ tasting (five types of beer, three types of soft drinks) for common pleasure.

    Return at approx. 19:45-20:30, depending on overall pace. End of service.

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    Finally, we will meet You at the pre-agreed time and place and have a wonderful day trip!

    • Comfortable Coach or Minibus,

    • Excursions as mentioned in Programme

    • English speaking Tour Leader (German, Italian, French, Chinese speaking- upon Request)

    • Welcome Package - Latvian Phrase Lists, Maps where relevant)

    Not included
    • Entry Tickets (can be included in Invoice or paid at the beginning of Tour):
      • Palace seasonal ticket costs: 9,5 EUR including local guiding EN / FR / DE
      • Excursion “Dzirnavas” local guide, viewing of collection: 2,50 EUR
      • Brewery’ excursion and beer tasting 4,50 EUR
    • Dinner or Lunch (meal type -according to Your preferences prearranged or a-la-carte Menu)

    • Tips, Gifts, Souvenirs


    At some Locations Entries (if not included in Price) can be paid by Cash only. Some souvenir counters also may accept cash only. Take some Euro Cash with You!

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